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The Beauty of Old Windows,The Benefits of New.Sash Window Specialists Oxford & Bristol

Why compromise?

We make and fit sash windows that will
improve the quality of your living environment.

We fit identical, double-glazed sashes into your existing box frames.

We match the style,
like for like

Whichever style of sash window you have,
our skilled joinery team will create new slim double-glazed, fully-decorated sashes to match.

You will struggle to tell the difference.

Your original sash windows will be carefully studied and expertly recreated, piece by piece.
We will also match the colour.

We re-use your
existing boxes

Our installation process is simplified by replacing only the sash window itself, rather than the entire box.
We do this entirely from inside.

No need for scaffolding or replastering.

Your new windows will be designed, manufactured and decorated in our workshop,
ready to be fitted.

Single-glazed windows are the weak link in your period home.

Our windows don’t just look the part.

More Efficient

Minimize heat loss
through your windows.

Keep your
energy usage down
and save money.


troublesome condensation.

Avoid harmful rot
and enjoy
a clearer view.


Eliminate draughts and
uncomfortable cold spots.

Create more
consistent warmth
throughout your home.


Significantly dampen
noise from outside.

Relax and recharge
with more
peace and quiet.

We guarantee the wood for 50 years,
the glass for 10 years and the paint for 25 years.

As part of our service, we also:

Refurbish the boxes

The boxes surrounding your sash windows can weather and rot over the years depending on how well they’ve been maintained.

Our skilled carpenters will fully and expertly restore them, as well as redecorate them, ready to accept your new windows.

Supply new boxes

In the case that one or more of your sash boxes is beyond repair, we can replace the entire unit. We would also make good the plaster surrounding the unit, as part of the process.

If you’re an architect or working on a new build, our sashes can be provided on a supply-only basis.


Our Box Sash Draught proofing service uses brushes rather than rubber to create a soft seal, allowing your property to breath.

Restricting airflow, without blocking it entirely, will help to achieve a consistent atmosphere throughout your home, maintaining the building’s health whilst conserving energy.

Restore movement

Due to their age, original sash and casement windows often lack the smooth, easy movement they once enjoyed.

We’ll replace the entire cord and pulley system, restoring your sash windows to their full former glory and allowing you to open and close them with ease.

We use only the very best materials in our sashes.

Ultra-tough wood

Our sashes are made from ultra-durable Accoya wood. This advanced timber has had its vulnerable aspects removed using a completely non-toxic process called Acetylation.

As a result, it is virtually incapable of rotting or warping, so your windows won’t degrade or swell during the colder months.

Cutting-edge glass

The frames are fitted with double-glazed, low-emissivity, toughened glass that insulates to a u-Value of between 1.5 and 0.9 (the UPVC average is 1.8).

The warm edge (non-metal) spacer bar and the Crypton gas filling help to bring this down, increasing the thermal and acoustic separation between inside and out.

Highly durable paint

All of our sash windows come pre-decorated with hard-wearing Sikkens Rubbol paint, sprayed on for a perfectly even finish that will stand the test of time.

It remains permanently flexible, meaning it won’t crack or peel, and is extremely resistant to rainy weather and harsh UV rays.

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