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Box Sash Refurbishment

Prior to the installation of the new Slim Double Glazed Sashes into your current box frames, it is essential to undertake a comprehensive overhaul, which includes sanding and priming the boxes. Any necessary extensive repairs will also be completed during this process.

Window Sill restoration:

Among the issues with old box sash windows, rotten window sills is the most common due to paint deterioration and water ingress. Instead of opting for a box frame replacement, we remove the lower box assembly and replaces it with a new hardwood sill section. This section comes complete with pulley and outter linings, expertly bonded with epoxy resin, utilizing the same joints that originally upheld the box frame’s strength.

By meticulously integrating new timber sections with detailed mouldings matching the original profile, we significantly extend the lifespan of the existing box frame. Meaning no need for replacement.

Box frames are then ready for our new Slim Double Glazed Sashes

Sash Cords, Pulleys, and Weights:

With our complete box sash restoration service, we remove the sashes from the box frame, eliminating any paint build-up from the running surfaces. After priming any bare timber, we discard existing cords and beads, replacing them with our modern improved sash cords. We meticulously check and adjust counterbalance weights and replace the sash pulleys to ensure smooth functionality for the new sashes

Window Furniture and Hardware:

As part of our Slim Double Glazed Sashes / Draught proofing service. We upgrade all window furniture. Our stock includes a range of traditional and modern window fittings in various finishes, encompassing window catches and locks.

For optimal results, consider combining our Slim Double Glazed Sashes with our draught proofing service to maximizing insulation and minimizing heat loss.

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