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Slim Double Glazed Sashes


We fit identical, slim double-glazed sashes into your existing box frames, we exclusively replace the sliding sash itself. The original boxes are then overhauled and draught-proofed avoiding the need for scaffolding or re-plastering.

In instances where windows are beyond repair or necessitate complete replacement, we can expertly install a complete new box sash window and manage all internal and external rendering.

Our timber sash windows are meticulously crafted to safeguard the architectural heritage of British Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian eras. The synergy of traditional joinery skills and modern technology distinguishes our timber double glazing sash windows. With efficient slimline double glazing, conservation-friendly features, and a commitment to matching styles, our skilled joinery team recreates fully-decorated sashes with meticulous attention to color matching for nearly imperceptible differences.


To glaze our sashes, we utilize a polymer putty system that mimics traditional putty, ensuring an authentic appearance. This putty is both permanently elastic and paintable. Unlike the traditional wooden beaded system prone to breakdown after 5 years, our polymer system proves far superior.

slim double glazed sash windows


Our sashes are made from ultra-durable Accoya wood. This  timber has had its vulnerable aspects removed using a completely non-toxic process called Acetylation. 

This makes the timber highly resistant to rotting or warping, ensuring your windows remain free from degradation or swelling during colder months. Accoya provides an impressive 50-year guarantee on its unpainted timber above ground + 25 year warranty in ground or freshwater!!!! Hard to believe but its true, enough to survive any harsh British Winter .Click to see

Highly Durable Paint Finish

Each of our sash windows are pre-decorated with durable Sikkens Rubbol paint, applied using a precise spray technique for a flawlessly uniform finish that endures over time. As Accoya has zero moisture due to the Acetylation treatment.The paint maintains permanent flexibility, preventing cracking or peeling, and exhibits exceptional resistance to rainy weather and intense UV rays. Customers can expect a maintenance-free period of up to 25+ years with the combination of Accoya and Sikkens wood coating systems.

We also can match any colours from Farrow&Ball  and Dulux range.Featuring options for dual colors—one for the internal and another for the external side of the sash.


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Slim Double Glazing

Transitioning to double glazed sash windows provides a myriad of advantages for period homeowners:

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: The primary motivation for glass replacement is typically energy efficiency. Sash and Blenheim  employs cutting-edge double glazing technology featuring PLANITHERM TOTAL+ glass—a highly energy-efficient, low-E toughened glass product. This results in a low U-Value, signifying superior thermal performance.

Effective Draught Elimination: Double glazed sash windows become alluring due to their capability to eliminate draughts, leaks, and rattles, potentially leading to a remarkable 30% improvement in energy efficiency and reduced energy costs.

Noise Reduction: While not the primary reason for opting for double glazing, noise reduction is a welcomed benefit. The technology can cut down internal noise levels, fostering a more serene environment, especially for those residing near busy roads or railway lines.

Enhanced Security:Enhancing the security of your current box sash windows is effortlessly achieved by installing our slim double-glazed sashes. These units boast enhanced security features, making them notably more resilient than their single-glazed counterparts and contributing to an elevated sense of safety in your home. It’s important to note that all our slim double-glazed sashes are fitted with toughened glass, ensuring durability and strength.

slim double glazing sash windows

The marriage of historical charm and modern energy efficiency is not a compromise but a harmonious union. Introducing slim double-glazed sash windows enhances insulation, significantly reducing heat loss and energy consumption in period houses. This transition ensures a comfortable living or working environment while contributing to a sustainable future. Embracing retrofitting solutions for windows, we believe in the seamless coexistence of energy efficiency and architectural preservation.

Your new sash windows are designed, manufactured, and adorned in our workshop, ready for a hassle-free fitting.


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