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Sash Windows Oxford

Nestled in the heart of Oxford, our Victorian architecture serves as a cherished testament to a bygone era, adorned with numerous sash windows in Oxfords prominent areas. Its significance flourished during the early Norman period, later becoming synonymous with the esteemed University’s of Oxford.


The detailed intricacies and enduring beauty of these historical structures not only shape the city’s distinct identity but also underscore the significance of conserving its architectural heritage. Iconic buildings like The Radcliffe Camera and the Bridge of Sighs are cherished elements of Oxford’s architectural landscape.


Dedicated to a sustainable future, striking a balance between preservation and modern energy-efficient solutions is crucial. With sash windows comprising 80% of historic windows in Oxford, there is a pressing need to conserve and upgrade these architectural gems.

The installation of a contemporary double-glazed window system becomes a crucial step in this pursuit. This approach safeguards Oxford’s distinctive character while aligning with sustainability principles for the times ahead.

This initiative is one among several aimed at transforming Oxford into one of the foremost carbon-neutral cities globally


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Sash and Blenheim have initiated various projects for homeowners within the rich heritage of Oxford’s streets, featuring adorned sash windows in the city center, Summertown, and Jericho.


Elevate your home’s energy efficiency with Sash & Blenheim’s top-notch sash windows service in Oxford. Our commitment is to enhance your living space without compromising quality. Prioritizing the preservation of architectural heritage, we ensure optimal energy efficiency.

If your sash windows require repair or replacement, contact us today for a complimentary, no-obligation quotation tailored to your needs.


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